The Post-Graduate Course in Food Engineering - PEG, started in 2016 and currently has a Masters course with grade 3 (CAPES).


Concentration Area

Process and Product Engineering in the Food Industry:

In this research field, we will insert the development and improvement of processes in the food industry, the modeling and optimization of existing
processes, aiming at improving product quality and process efficiency. Among the involved projects, we have the biodegradable films development and food coating from natural polymers, thermal properties of foods, phase equilibria in food processing, membrane process in the food industry; microencapsulation of food ingredients, and grain drying.


Technological Processes Applied to Food:

This line encompasses the processes applied in products of vegetable and animal origin, using different methods of conservation and utilization of by- products and agroindustrial residues. It also involves the development and formulation of new processes and food products. The use of tools, such as sensory analysis and industrial microbiology also stands out in this field, aimed at the technological innovations of products and raw food materials.